07 October 2009

High Altitude Ground Beef Sandwich

So I haven't posted anything lately, because I haven't really made anything new or exciting. As per usual, I blame this on school. In the past month or so, I've proctored and graded 3 exams in addition to taking my own, being in class, and trying to get a research project done. This makes me want to not do anything except sleep and zone out in front of my TV. (Monday nights = best night of television, by the way. Lie to Me, Castle, and How I Met Your Mother make for a great way to start the week and actually have my looking forward to Mondays.) Needless to say, we've been eating out a lot and tonight we finally went to Elevation Burger.

I'm sort of surprised that it took us this long to try it out considering its premise: grass fed beef and natural ingredients. It's a similar concept to Terra Burger, but they claim to use organic or natural, as opposed to grass fed beef. Colby got the Elevation Burger, which is two patties + two large pieces of cheese and I got the cheeseburger because I'm a one patty, one slice sort of girl along with a side of fries. For the two of us it ended up being a little under $18, which isn't bad, but is sort of pricey for burgers+fries. It's sort of par for the course for what I've deemed (in my head) the upscale fast food places (like Five Guys).

I found the burger to be incredibly salty. If it weren't for the cheese and bun, the patty would have been inedible. Colby thought it was salty as well, but he couldn't tell if it was the burger or the cheese. Aside from the saltiness, I actually enjoyed the burger as a whole: bun+cheese+patty+ketchup, but it wasn't the best I've had. I'd place it between Five Guys and Terra Burger in taste, but the grass fed meat definitely gives it an edge over Five Guys.

The fries are another story. Colby thought they were too salty, but I didn't mind that as much as I minded how mushy they were. The fries are a little larger than the ones at Steak'n'Shake with the texture of the fries at Wendy's after they get a little cold and mushy. I could write a whole post on my favorite fries, but I'll save that for another day. In all, they weren't inedible, but they weren't very good either.

I think that we'll probably end up here at some point in the future. We ended up being the last customers in the store (oops), so maybe the incredible saltiness was a fluke.

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