17 June 2009

Going home

Okay, so I've been absent in the month of June. I blame this on housesitting for the boss, working from home, and not sleeping at all. Ah, the pleasures of graduate school.

We're going home in a few days. SO EXCITED! I've got an itinerary all scheduled around food.

In only a five day span, I plan to visit these places

National Coney Island - ultimate in late night, metro Detroit dining!
Caribou Coffee - yes, I know this is a national coffee chain, but it's tradition.
Charlie Kang's - where I first fell in love with bibimbap; the have the best gochujang
Old Chicago - home of the World Beer Tour and delicious Italian nachos
Menna's Joint - the ultimate drunk food. also, amazing good when sober.
Jack's Waterfront - where we had our rehearsal dinner. awwww...
Cloverleaf Pizza - great Detroit style pizza!
Steve's Backroom - middle eastern food. awesome
Zingerman's Delicatessen - gourmet deli. amazing pastrami and the associated restaurant made Bon Apetit's BBQ edition!
Dusty's Cellar - fancy food, East Lansing style

this should be one delicious vacation, but it will definitely need to be punctuated with frequent visits to the gym!


Kristen said...

You have quite the food itinerary planned. I hope you have a great time :) Enjoy!

Khemraj said...

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