18 August 2007

Dad's Famous Eggs

Dad's Famous Eggs should probably be called Dad's Famous Egg, given that it consists of toast topped with cheese (preferably American, hey I need to pay respect to my white trash roots) and one poached egg. So I wanted to see how to poach an egg. Attempt number one didn't work.

I used the toaster as an egg timer, but when I cracked the egg in the pan, it didn't really stay together well. The white started to cook, but the top didn't, so I put a lid over it to try to "steam" the top cooked, but that didn't so much work well because the water managed to boil and the egg stuck to the bottom of the pan ever-so-slightly such that a lot of the yolk ran into the pan. I did salvage it enough to put it on my toast'n'cheese. Oh well. Maybe next time.

At least I have cheese'n'crackers...

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