10 December 2012

menu draft

New years eve is coming up and I'm trying to put together a menu.  Below are some random thoughts and links.  This is mostly a "for me" type of post, so feel free to ignore my scatterbrained cooking thoughts

california roll
veggie rolls (cucumber, avocado)
smoked salmon + cream cheese + capers + red onion roll
scallion pancakes with soy dipping sauce

clam chowder

sundried tomato
bacon jam
roasted garlic + salt + butter?  Is that really a dip?  It sounds good enough to be one.

mini wedge salads with green goddess dressing

spiral sliced ham. ugh, you guys suck.

This is lifted from Chris' blog.

  • Mini crab cakes
  • Baked colcannon balls with drawn butter
  • Quick fried scallops with a lemon/herb aioli
  • Assorted sausages and cheeses.
  • Mini stromboli segments.
  • Spinach parmesan wontons
  • Kabucha tempura
  • Fried asparagus, to share the aioli
  • Mixed green salad, apple cider/sriracha dressing
  • Shortbread, strawberries, and pepper balsamic whipped cream
  • Chocolate shells with assorted ices and sorbets.
Then for desserts, I'm thinking Momofuku Crack Pie, something with a cinnamon roll crust, and all sorts of cookies. 

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