30 March 2011

Austin Bakes for Japan

I went to the Austin Food Blogger Alliance happy hour at Takoba today with Colby.  Once we arrived, I realized that the only IRL person I actually knew was Colby.  We ventured in the bar for a couple of beers and loosened up a bit.  It turns out that physics majors aren't the most sociable people and much of our socializing in undergrad came with lots of alcohol. *ahem*

Eventually we wandered a bit and found some really neat people to talk with.  I managed to meet two other people named Julie, which is awesome because anyone named Julie is totally rad (duh).  See, even Fountains of Wayne think so:

One person I did hope to spot was the person running Austin Bakes for Japan.  Basically, it's a bake sale being held at several different locations across Austin to raise donations for Americares' humanitarian efforts in Japan.  See here or the flyer below for more details.  This is a really important cause and every donation of food, time, and money will help!

Colby and I will be at the East location from 10-12 on Saturday morning with homemade kolaches.  You should come out and pick up some awesome baked goods for an even more meaningful cause!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed each other! I hope that we can meet at the next happy hour and gloat in the success of the bake sale together :)

julie k h aka jkru said...

wait, we totally did meet and I had an excellent time at the bake sale. Thanks for being an amazing organizer for a really important cause!