24 November 2010

Thanksgiving menu for two.

I've been compulsively writing lists lately.  I think it's my coping mechanism for trying to get through life at the moment.  It's not just TO DO: lists, it's everything from stuff to get at the grocery store to imaginary playlists to amusing stuff I've been reading.  It seems only appropriate to share my favorite kind of list now (menu, duh. ;))

Thanksgiving menu

shallot and lemon green beans
mashed potatoes
sausage dressing
apple+cranberry sauce
heritage turkey
apple pie

Yes, I know we're lacking a pumpkin pie, but I've had a couple so far and I need to use up some of the apples we got as part of the CSA we joined.  We're also not actually making anything I've never made before.  Some of this is because I was too busy/lazy to figure out anything new and the other part is that it's just the two of us this year.  The only new aspect is the turkey.  I've read about heritage turkeys for the past couple of years and  I finally ordered one in time.  My plan is to not brine the turkey and then use the roasting method from Martha Stewart's Cooking School.  I'll post how it turns out.  And now we're out to battle the throngs of people at Central Market to go pick up the turkey.  Wish us luck!

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astrochris said...

Thanks for linking back to the cranberry recipe. I've been thinking about making it this year, but didn't want to hunt it down.