27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The preparations for Thanksgiving are very much under way. In the past couple of weeks, I've done some test run on side dishes, and I've definitely come across some really awesome recipes. :) Currently, the test pumpkin pie is half eaten, and sitting in the refrigerator and the apple pie is in the oven. I think that later today will be a well orchestrated dance between oven and stove top, made more complicated by a relatively small kitchen and four people who want to be in it.

Here's the menu at current:

Turkey a la Alton Brown
Sour Dough + Challah bread dressing
green bean casserole a la Alton Brown
roasted garlic mashed potatoes
roasted sweet potatoes with smoked sweet paprika
home made dinner rolls
apple cranberry chutney
apple pie
pumpkin pie

Sooooooooo excited! :)


kate said...

you love alton brown. i don't understand it. his food isn't *that* good, just easy.

jkru said...

and you love pork products which aren't even "not that good", but rather "super gross". :P

kate said...

bacon is delicious, and it actually has to be cooked all the way through.

i feel you, though. i keep lapsing in and out of vegetarianism due to the MF-ing scary book i am reading about the history of vegetarianism.

kate said...

also, why did you use quotes there? you were paraphrasing my comment. it wasn't a direct quote. and, didn't your middle school english teacher tell you that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks?