13 March 2008

semi-home made ravioli (but way the hell more home made than sandra lee)

So after traveling around over spring break, I came home to a bag of rotten potatoes, some frozen broccoli (because I actually have a refreezerator), and the sad, sad remnants of mire poix fixings. Suffice it to say, I needed to go to el supermercado (which, sadly, does not sound as cool as el gran mercado, but has a helluva lot more food in it). Anywho! I ended up buying a bunch of "random" things, which I thought were random, but apparently make for a fairly standard shopping trip which included wonton wrappers and ricotta.

So tonight, I'm going to attempt to make garlic+mushroom+basil ravioli with the leftover bolognese sauce. Go me!

This is how I think it'll work: (also, someone slap me. I got the sudden urge to do this in LaTeX in math mode... la la la physics is eating my brain)

Drain the ricotta (via magic).

sautee mushrooms + garlic in butter
add M+G, B to the cheese+more (mozzarella) cheese (slap me again. I'm thinking of trying to do this in terms of nuclear reactions... like, you know... MushroomGarlic(Butter, tasty)sauteedmushroomgarlic)...)
put a bit on a wonton wrapper
brush edges with egg wash (and more magic)
put another one on top
boil boil boil

eat eat eat

We'll see how it goes. And I've shamelessly stolen the idea from my new favorite food blog the delicious life.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever ever drained ricotta. I've also not used mushrooms, although that's a good idea. I'd think the dried porcinis, reconstituted in a bit of wine or something would work better. They have a richer flavor.

You also didn't use any egg in the mixture, which might have caused it to be a bit too runny.

(and I don't remember my blogger id, so, it's all anonymous, etc)