27 October 2014

Hackbright Day 20: ugh projects.

Once upon a time, I had a project in mind and it was a very good project. And then I had a side project that I was just going to play with, but then a few people pointed out that I seemed way more interested in the side project than the main project. Fleshing this out more and one instructor thinks that this might be really cool and two of them think that it's probably impossible. Le sigh. I went back to square one with project ideas this weekend and came up with a bunch of things. It turns out that a lot of the stuff that I'm interested in programming are really really hard problems.

Of course they are. This is how I decided to get a physics degree and why I kept pushing to get my Ph D. I have a stupid habit of doing things because they're "hard" or for the sake of  some ideal that makes my life a living hell until it's over. And now I'm not sure what I want to do. I do know what I don't want to do and that is anything that is front end heavy. I have some really talented friends and there are women in my cohort who are amazingly talented designers. I am not of this group, although I appreciate their skills. I want to solve complex and interesting problems using some combination of math and programming. And I don't want to do it in Javascript.

Friday was mainly a study hall day, although we did get two really good tech talks on object-oriented programming in JavaScript and bootstrap. I'm really glad we got both of those presentations because they reinforced the idea that I don't like front end, but there are tools available that will allow me to minimize my front end work. We also talked about dates and times and datetime in python during the morning lecture and how to effectively organize your code during the afternoon. They were both really informative, but they were definitely overshadowed by the stress of project discussions. I spent a lot of time talking with two of the instructors about my project ideas and ways of doing it. I overheard one of the instructors say to another student ,"please take a seat in the project discussion chair" because right after I got out of that chair and put it away, someone else grabbed it and proceeded to have a similar discussion. And this post is really disjointed because it was a disjointed day. Saturday was good because I participated in a hackathon and that will be a separate post.

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