20 October 2014

Hackbright Day 15: Pro Set. That's way super fun.

Friday was uneventful and eventful. We reviewed all 17,000 new languages we learned this week. It was also install day, where everyone was told what to install to run everything we do in lab on their laptops. I figured out that I somehow totally fucked up my install of Chrubuntu and damaged the Chrome OS in the process. It's not a huge deal because my plan is to actually just reinstall Chrome OS and un-partition the teeny-tiny hard drive. Apparently there's something called Crouton that will let you run Ubuntu on top of the Chrome OS. I've come to the conclusion that getting that Chromebook was a mistake. Not a huge one, but typing on it makes my right hand hurt and it's hard to look at. 

We also got to see working examples of javascript webapps. One of the TAs has made some games, the best of which is called Pro Set. Similar to set in that i t's a concentration/matching game, it's also a lot more difficult, hence the "Pro" part.

Since I was basically set with install day (and also because I'm pretty sure that my install is the easiest what with apt-get install life), I was pretty much by myself in lab. I talked with one of the TAs for a really long time about Hackbright and life in general. It was good. I don't have a Hackbright alum mentor, so this was a nice way to absorb information and good vibes from someone who graduated the program and found success.

Friday night was also board game night. Colby came down to Hackbright, and we all played a game of friendly taboo, a concentration game called Ricochet Robots, and then some crazy taboo/charade game. It was really fun to interact with people in a non-work setting. It's something I feel like I don't do enough. 

On Saturday we FINALLY found a place to live after Nov 1. Thank jebus crust. We'll be in Alameda until the end of February. Hopefully by then, everyone will be employed and then we can focus on where we'll be living more permanently. 

On Sunday morning, I went to a Ladies Tech Brunch at some superfancy high rise apartment in the Financial District. It was nice, but there were a lot of people, and it was definitely good for networking that I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to pursue. I did meet a couple people that I'd like to keep in touch with, though, and I think it encouraged me to go to a PyLadies SF meetup when I can. After that, another HBer and I went to La Boheme Cafe in the Mission to meet up with a bunch of HBers + a HB instructor who were mostly just co-working. I love how accessible and friendly everyone, especially the instructors, are. Hackbright is shaping up into a good decision.

And my 10 second review of La Boheme Cafe:
I'm way too lazy to edit this. Pretend it's cropped.

  • great space to work
  • good, strong coffee
  • pretty good food, and they use zataar spice on their pitas so you know they must know something
  • will definitely return

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