15 October 2014

Hackbright Day 12: Flask, HTML, and Mentor Night (and also cake)

Today we used the SQL databases we had created in order to get a better understanding of Flask and HTML. I am probably the only person my age who doesn't know HTML. My fleeting experience has been trying to make this blog look less crappy, and clearly I gave up. Flask is a web framework in python. This means that it helps python programmers set up web applications. Plainly, Flask allows for a much easier time building websites. We used our SQL databases from yesterday within jinja (or maybe it was HTML??) pages and then created a locally-hosted website. It was sort of functional and we didn't finish it.

Two more people in Hackbright had birthdays, so we also had a break for cake:

And then there was pie!

I did not take part in either of these and my blood sugar/hemoglobin A1C level thank me.

Later that evening, we were matched with our mentors. We each have three, and I was lucky enough to meet all of mine. They all seem really cool. One of them used to work for Google and the other two work on iOS development. We're supposed to meet with each mentor for an hour a week, so I'm definitely looking forward to talking with each of them and getting a feel for what it's like out there and how to get a job.

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