22 October 2014

Hackbright Day 17: Wherein I fundamentally misunderstand jQuery

Today was challenging, and I'm going to blame my inability to quickly digest syntax and the fact that I haven't been sleeping for more than like 5 hours per night. I'm usually fine on little-to-no sleep, but now that I'm old, I need to sleep for like 6 or 7 hours at least every once in awhile. Lame.

We talked about jQuery and AJAX today. jQuery (and I'm probably stylizing the name wrong, but whatevs, I wasn't even going to post tonight) is a javascript library that lets you do things in a much more succinct way than "vanilla" javascript. It seems like it's used in conjunction with AJAX to modify the HTML + CSS on the fly, make get and post requests (I'm still fuzzy on post syntax), and generally interact with different parts of your webapp. The fact that this is about as specific as I can get with jQuery and AJAX means that I definitely failed in absorbing the lecture this morning.

And now I need to PTFO.

And here's a picture of two motorized wheelchairs outfitted to be electric horses. Because San Francisco.

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