28 April 2012

Firebowl Cafe

A couple weekends ago, we took Kimchi and Ramona to Firebowl Cafe for dinner.  Colby and I used to eat there all the time when we lived in north Austin, and now occasionally go back when we're in the area. Colby's brother, Dustin, moved into our old apartment complex right after Ramona was born, so we found ourselves in the area.  I've never really blogged about the food there because I categorize it as slightly-fancier-than-McDonalds food that we eat when we don't feel like cooking.  What was spectacular, however, was the combination of natural light and the food setting on my DSLR and the resulting photos.  At least, these may be the best food photos that I've ever taken.

Kimchi chilling with Uncle Dustin

beef bulgogi -  $8.25

crab rangoons (aka my excuse to eat a ton of mae ploy sweet chili sauce) - $5.25

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