15 April 2012

Austin Terrier

At some point in December, we brought our Boston Terrier to Austin Terrier.  It turns out that they had mostly closed the outdoor seating because it was "winter" and it was about to start raining (seriously snow = winter, rain = not winter), but they were totally accommodating.  In all, the food was pretty good, though I was hampered by pregnancy (again!), so it definitely deserves another try when I can eat things like soft cheeses that aren't heated.  Plus the decor is totally cute.

trio of fries: sweet potato, truffle oil+parmesan, and paprika+mustard - $5.95

Buffy on wheat - $7.95

side of slaw

Travis Pie: pesto pizza with chicken, feta, red onions, and basil - $8.95
my personal Austin terrier

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