28 April 2012

Friday Rituals

For the past month or so, Colby, Ramona, and I have been going to Central Market every Friday for dinner and grocery shopping.  It's sort of silly, I guess, but I get super excited about it.  It gets me out of the house, I don't have to deal with cooking and cleaning, and I've always loved grocery shopping.
Steak salad
My dad and his wife, Denice, visited us this past week and left on Thursday.  We had a really nice time, but ended the week devoid of groceries.  Thus, Colby, Ramona, and I went on our usual Friday outing and had a nice dinner.  Their steak salad is always a favorite and their specials usually merit consideration.  Seeing that we went grocery shopping too, it's probably time for a weekly menu.

California Cobb Pizza 
grilled chicken and zucchini 

beef bourguinon with potatoes

Fish tacos with Asian slaw and green rice

Bavarian Sausage and balsamic roasted brussels sprouts

tuna melts with sauteed broccoli

bacon and spinach quiche with salad

Back to our usual haunt.

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Mary Helen said...

I think grocery shopping and dinner out is a brilliant combination. I rarely feel like cooking after battling through the grocery store, and it's no fun to shop on an empty stomach. We're lucky to have such nice grocery stores here in Austin. I would never have considered dinner at Stop & Shop back in New England a treat, but Central Market and Whole Foods make some really great food!