27 February 2012

pre-birth story

I spent three hours this morning in labor and delivery getting my blood pressure monitored to make sure that I hadn't developed full-blown preeclampsia.  It was not the most fun, but as long as I stayed down, my blood pressure went back to normal levels, which was good enough for them to release me after the monitoring, but concerning enough to put me on modified bed rest with a planned induction for this week.  Given our options (one of which was leap year and not acceptable), we went with tomorrow.  Unless I manage to spontaneously go into labor myself (the chances seem slim right now), I'll have my water broken at around 7:00 AM in order to attempt to induce labor.  Hopefully this works and I'll be able to proceed into the natural childbirth I paid $300 to learn about, otherwise it'll be a synthetic hormone that imperfectly mimics the one that the body produces when it goes into labor.

So, what I think I'm saying, is catch you on the flip side.


astrochris said...

I already said good luck, and I can't think of anything more creative, so I'm just going to go with "super good luck." :)

I'll be waiting patiently for the first baby pictures.

Patricia Iacob said...

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