16 February 2012

Amusing things on the internet

Aside from Colby locking my keys in the car, I had a ridiculously nice birthday, complete with a zillion facebook messages, snuggles with Kimchi, and one of the best meals I've had in recent memory.  I took pictures, so I definitely plan to post about that soon.  In the meantime, posting around here has been sparse, so I figured I'd share some interesting things I've been reading on the internet, some of which are actually about food.  And in no particular order, here we go:

Jeremy Lin

 This McSweeny's piece on Jeremy Lin is fantastic, but it has nothing on the Disgrasian post about who should be his basketball wife.  Personally, my choice is Michelle Wie because she could finally wear heels without dwarfing a dude.  If you don't know who Jeremy Lin is, he's a point guard from Harvard who's the biggest sensation in the NBA right now.  Oh, and he's the first American NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

Baby Shit (not literally)

Apparently, in France, the government provides services to women to get back "in shape" post-baby.  And by "in shape", they mean vaginally.  It sort of sounds like the best idea ever, especially considering the "cooter pac man".

There's a shit ton of sugar in baby formula and the FDA doesn't require companies to reveal how much.  I'm firmly in the camp of "breast is best", but for those people who aren't, or don't breast feed for whatever reason they choose, they deserve the right to know what the hell they're feeding their kids.

Random things I find amusing

Rick Santorum is winning in Michigan.
a) it's called the Daily Santorum.  When I see the word "Santorum" I think of this (LSWF)
b) they used a picture of the Sufjan Stevens album, Michigan.
c) the only county in which Mitt Romney is winning is where all the "new money" in south-eastern Michigan lives.  This goes to show that Mitt Romney is a rich-people republican's rich person republican.

Stop motion animation of a Michael Pollan talk.

I honestly didn't even read this article, but, um, like... look at the title and then laugh your face off.

Kimchi thought these articles were interesting too!

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