19 February 2012

blogging together alone and a menu

A few weeks ago, a bunch of the Austin Food Blogger Association people got together at Genuine Joe' and did a blog-together.  I ended up getting three posts written, which was nice.  They're having another one tonight, but I'm sitting at home.  We had a late dinner and I've been having non-labor contractions all day, which don't do much except for prime my body for baby-having and make me crazy unfcomfortble.  I'm so over being pregnant and I'm ready for this fetus to turn into a baby.

In the spirit of blogging-together, I'm posting a menu for this upcoming week.

the making of chicken and 40 cloves... om nom

Chicken and spinach salad with whatever random veggies we have in the fridge - I'm keeping dinner light because we're getting paczkis that day from the people who run Hill Country Pierogi. Paczkis are supposed to be consumed on Paczki Day, which isn't until (Fat) Tuesday, but, damnit, I don't think I'll be able to contain myself.

Tacos - we're finally done with our birthing class, so I can actually make dinner on Tuesday nights. Yay!

Tomato, chicken, artichoke, spinach pasta toss - This is definitely me trying to use up random things from the fridge.

bacon, avocado, tomato sandwiches on sourdough - something simple and delicious, since I've been craving bacon and avocado lately

Chicken and 40 cloves

The upside of this menu is that Colby can basically make all of this without too much trouble.  I haven't been cooking a lot lately because we've been going out to eat a lot with all the February birthdays and Valentine's Day, but I wanted to try to eat at home as much as possible this week to balance this out.  And then again, if I do happen to go into labor, this entire menu is out the window and we'll be eating hospital food and things that I've frozen for the future.


astrochris said...

Those BAT sandwiches on thursday sound good. I suspect my menu plan will run out around then, so I think I'm going to steal that idea.

julie k h aka jkru said...

Yes. The only thing that would make them better is arugula, but we already had spinach in the fridge, so it seemed like we should use that before it goes bad.

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