14 November 2011

Monday Menu Mania

This is totally not related, but here's a picture of Colby eating a PB&J sandwich
This is looking to be a rather low-key week, but it seems like I've been attacked with a resurgence of first trimester nausea.  This means that my desire to cook is incredibly low, so most of this is easy to throw together or something that I'll make Colby cook.

And to pretend to tie in the random picture with this post, I'm really good at planning dinner menus and lately, we've been good at sticking with it most of the time.  I admit that the chicken and 20 cloves was never made, but I've also decided that it's more of a weekend meal than a weekday meal.  The one thing I'm pretty terrible about is lunch.  Also breakfast.  I almost never bring lunch to school, so I pay a lot of money to get some marginal food from O's Campus Cafe.  Colby always eats lunch at home and it usually involves things that he can cram down his throat as quickly as possible.  Perhaps next week I'll plan a lunch menu as well.

cowboy casserole from Central Market, green beans

spinach tortellini soup, (probably sans beans bc we don't have any) crusty bread

tacos, green beans (because who says you can't eat green beans with tacos?)

pasta with meat sauce (this is coming from my freezer stash of sauce+meatballs, but the BIL doesn't like meatballs, so I think we're just going to break them up and call it "meat sauce"), spinach salad

roasted chicken, brussels sprouts, rice pilaf


astrochris said...

I cannot imagine how someone could not like meatballs. :(

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