02 November 2011

Farmers' Market Tomatoes and BAT Sandwiches

We're going to Nerd Nite tonight, which is going to be all about food.  It's going to be great and I'm stoked.  In an effort to speed up dinner, I made butternut squash and apple soup last night, but by this morning, realized that it probably wasn't enough to make a legitimate dinner.  I'm planning on tinkering with the recipe a bit, but I'll likely post one for it once I've adjusted the spices/flavors.

I put out a call to twitter this morning about what to eat with it.  The suggestions were pork tenderloin with arugula and BLT sandwiches.  The tenderloin was out because I wouldn't have had time to make it, also I'm still getting over my porkphobia but the BLT seemed plausible.  I made a trip to the Triangle Farmers' Market this afternoon and for dinner, we'll be having butternut squash and apple soup with BAT sandwiches (in which the A stands for arugula.)

And here's a picture of tomatoes.  Om nom nom.

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