24 January 2012

Nursery Preview

I think I've begun the nesting process.  My assumption was that I was going to begin cooking up a storm a week before I gave birth, but I think my nesting urges have been funneled into decorating.  We've inherited a rocking chair, toy chest, and dresser, but not all of these are in the condition that I want for the room, so we've been working on redecorating.  I'm not exactly sure why this is happening.  If you've ever seen my house, it's rather... plain.

One of the biggest things I wanted to happen was to get the chair reupholstered.  This was the same chair that my parents rocked me in, so it's quite worn and dated:
hellloooo 1980s
Chair fabric

The toy chest (with loads of random crap on it) used to be bright green, but we painted it a flat chocolate brown.  I'm also have a cushion made for the top in pastel pink with light green polka dots.

Pictures of these pieces to come once they've been completed!

After playing around with the upholstery, I decided that I wanted a curtain valance (since we already have blinds) and a dust ruffle for the crib.  I like the idea of hand-made, but purchasing these things on Etsy requires one to first win the lottery, so I enlisted my friend Randi to help me make these.

Randi making the valance

Make the tall guy deal with the curtains

We're still working on the dust ruffle, but I'll have pictures of the entire room once it's complete.

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