15 January 2012

Menu planning in 2012

I haven't posted a menu in awhile because we've been really bad about not eating out between the combination of the holidays and having people over.  I had the horrible realization that we only have a little over seven weeks before my due date, which means that we only have seven weeks left to save money, get the house ready, and generally act like adults with no responsibilities other than to ourselves.  I'm wondering if a lot of cooking is going to fall to the wayside because of this, but I'm hoping not.  In any case, cooking at home lets us save money and, at the same time, do something that we might not have enough time to do in the crazy-near future.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with this post except that I'll be allowed to eat that in 7 weeks, if I so choose, damnit. 
bacon, salsa, cheddar, black bean quiche - sort of like a breakfast taco in quiche form

chicken quesadillas, black beans, cheater's Mexican rice - I add salsa and chicken stock in the rice cooker, instead of just water)

This is the night of our Bradley Method birthing class, so we usually grab something to go

beef stir-fry with green beans and mushrooms - recipe to come if I like it

beef and cheddar sausage, spinach salad with bacon, eggs, and anything else I can come up with

chicken with roasted butternut squash and creamed spinach


Anonymous said...

i saw the top of the pic in this post and exclaimed 'EPOISSES!' i love the stink of that cheese.

julie k h aka jkru said...

One of my friends bought that at the local cheese shop. I was sooo jealous as everyone else got to dig in and I was left to simply smell its stinky awesomeness.