22 January 2012

Make Up Menu

My menu for last week fell by the wayside as I managed to overestimate just how much chicken meat is needed to make a quesadilla as well as catch a stomach virus.  Wednesday and Thurday were pretty miserable and the only things I ate were applesauce and toast.  Needless to say, stir-fry and creamed spinach were off the menu at that point, but now I have ingredients from which to plan this week's menu.  Colby's going out of town from Tuesday til Thursday for the SPIE convention in San Francisco.  I'd be totally jealous because SF seems like a pretty rad town, but he's going to be standing around hawking his company for three days, so that's a lot less fun than exploring a city by cable car.  In light of this, here's this week's menu:

quiche: dinner for lazy people

beef, green bean, mushroom stir-fry

Chicken and forty cloves - by Colby's request and we have chicken thighs and a new resolve to make it this time.  Especially since we have some herbs that need to be used asap and this will help set up lunches for the rest of the week

Hopfields with the Austin Food Blogger Alliance - AFBA is having another social function and I'll be able to catch the first bit of it and eat dinner before I'm off to our birthing class.

spinach, bacon, cheddar crustless quiche - the easy, lazy, gestational diabetes-friendly way

spinach salad with whatever I find in my fridge

butternut squash soup and leftovers

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