18 May 2010

sometimes caffeine can totally replace sleep... and sometimes it can't.

So I was taking a look at analytics wondering what the hell I had done to alienate my entire readership (of 3 people) when I realized that, oops, I had taken out the analytics in the CSS code when I changed the blog back to a default blogger face thing. (Yes, I just called it a face thing because I'm tired and frustrated and I've reminded myself clearly why I hate programming.)

also, I may have just written this program to get results for my masters thesis:

program shitfuck

implicit none
real:: crap, n, want
do i = 1, 27
read(1000,*) n, crap
want = sqrt(sqrt(n)*crap/n)
print*, want
end do


bonus points if you can figure out what language this is programmed in (aside from, ahem, french).


astrochris said...

I switched to reading via the rss feed with google reader. I don't know if that messes with the analytics stuff, and I'm too lazy to try to figure it out.

julie k h said...

it was actually just about me not having the piece of code in. I'll probably not mess with that until I (Naomi) redesigns the site.