20 May 2010

I should probably go to sleep, but I'd like to not fail out of grad school

hollek@conestoga:~/masters$ lol
No command 'lol' found, did you mean:
Command 'col' from package 'bsdmainutils' (main)
Command 'sol' from package 'aisleriot' (main)
lol: command not found

that shouldn't be that funny, but it's 5:40 A-fucking-M and I'm still up and not finished with this "draft" of my thesis. It's due at some point today and I have a feeling that people are going to be getting a copy of this at 11:59 PM.

Also, my teeth hurt from these Ricola Lemon Mint lozenges. I don't think they can actually be called "throat drops" but rather "candy masquerading as medicine".

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