18 November 2012

Thanksgiving menus

We're still working to finalize our Thanksgiving menu, but it's shaping up to look something like this:
roasted turkey
stuffing with pan sausage
bacon cheddar potatoes
green bean casserole
butternut squash biscuits
apple cranberry sauce
sweet potato pie
apple pie

An alternate reality menu was cobbled together too, and I think it would have been equally delicious:
turkey confit

roasted butternut squash

garlic + bacon brussels sprouts
potato leek soup
spicy cranberry sauce
sweet potato rolls
apple crumble
pumpkin cheesecake


Mica said...

Hey, lady! I just "nominated" you for a blog award. :-)

Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Your menu looks awesome!

julie k h aka jkru said...

Thanks for the "nomination". I'll definitely post my responses this weekend. Hope that you and the fiance-friend have a great Thanksgiving too! :)