03 July 2012

This is why I haven't been posting so much food stuff:

me:  lol
the Mg lines have a voigt shape
is that what you're talking about?
like if you look at
in hd122563
that's a voigt profile

astro:  so I guess one problem that I have with that is that it looks like a gaussian fit to that line isn't that bad
me:  oh
maybe I gave you the wrong line
there are some super duper strong Mg lines
try 5183
astro:  ok, 5183 has clear shoulders
and I'm not really interested in hydrogen in that way. We're more just good friends.


Stephanie @ Steph Cooks said...

I read that book by the guy who got Pluto demoted so I have heard the word Gaussian before, but the rest of this might have well been in ancient Greek. :) You sound very smart.

julie k h aka jkru said...

haha, I'm not the smart one, astro is. We're talking about a code that we're writing for my thesis. And by "we", I mean that he's writing it and I'm just pointing out where it breaks. :)