23 March 2012

Terms of Service

A few people have pointed out that I don't post many pictures of Ramona on facebook and it's true.  I posted one phone picture from the hospital and then a few links to this blog and that's been it.  In terms of twitter, it's been random phone pictures, but nothing I really care about.  I've posted the most pictures here on the blog and there are reasons for all of this.

Interesting... tell me more.

Mostly, I'm writing here to say that we're not going to be posting pictures of Ramona on facebook.  Sure, the odd picture might end up on facebook, but I'm uncomfortable with their terms of service, terrible privacy practices, and for practical purposes, there's no point in buying a super fancy camera and having all the pictures compressed.  That's not to say that we don't want to share pictures of Ramona, but I'll do so here in this blog and also on a separate website on Shutterfly, here:

Shutterfly's terms of service aren't perfect either, but the site isn't used as a social media outlet in the same capacity.  Part of the reason for the separate site is to have a place to dump photos to the grandparents who understand the internet (so, mostly my dad) and to other interested parties (hi, Chris).  The other reason is that I'm not ready to declare this a mommy and food blog.  I'm toying with starting a separate one, but we'll see.


LC said...


Ramona is beautiful! Congratulations!


julie k h aka jkru said...

Thanks, Liz!

gakiblogs said...

Be careful in any case. Some nitwits think posting anything on the internet automatically makes it public domain. http://www.publicdomainsherpa.com/10-misconceptions-about-the-public-domain.html