19 March 2012

Kome Part 1

Colby, Dustin (my brother-in-law), and I went here while I was still pregnant.  Most of what I had was pretty good, but I'd like to try it again a couple times before I give a final verdict since it doesn't seem fair to evaluate a sushi restaurant without having tried anything with raw fish in it.  Also, I really want to try their ramen.  So for now, here are some pictures with my sleep-deprived comments.

obligatory artsy shot of the restaurant's name

Pork and vegetable gyoza - $5
 The gyoza were tasty and I have nothing of merit to really say about them.
Swamp Roll - $7
 I found out the hard way that I'm not a huge fan of pickled okra in my sushi, but it was interesting.
Rock'n'roll - $7
I got this minus the sprouts, since those aren't pregnancy friendly.  Definitely my favorite.
Tarantula - $14 (I think)
 Dustin got this.  I think he liked it.
Endo in New York - $12
Colby got this.  He wasn't a huge fan, but I couldn't try it because there's actually raw fish in it.

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