31 July 2011

Basil Limeade

It's still July.  Thank goodness.  I'm sneaking in my second  AFBA-mandated post in at the last minute, but this is super tasty.

Basil simple syrup

1.5+/-0.5 c basil, loosely packed
1 c water
1 c sugar

In a small pot, combine all ingredients and bring them it a boil.  Allow to maintain a rolling boil from a minute and then remove from the heat.  Cover with something that lets it breathe, but won't let in the flies (I used my splatter guard).  Steep for at least 30 minutes and more if you like a more intense basil flavor (I think I left mine in for a couple hours while I ran some errands).  Strain and refrigerate

Basil limeade

2 T basil simple syrup
2 T freshly squeezed lime juice
6 oz water

Mix.  Enjoy.  You can play around with the ratios, but I've found that equal lime juice and basil simple syrup is the best.  I really enjoyed using sparkling water too, but this is probably only a reflection of my affinity for pop.

So yeah.  Where have I been all month?  I've had some health problems take over my life.  It's not super serious, but I've been doing all I can to avoid sinus surgery.  It's been quite exhausting and painful to deal with, which is why I haven't been posting so much (or showing up to anything).


Kathryn said...

This limeade looks really tasty, girl. I hope you feel better soon!

Erin said...

I have some basil simple syrup left in my fridge from . . . maybe last summer? I used it to sweet tomato paste for pasta sauce, but this sounds delicious as well.

julie k h aka jkru said...

Thanks, Kathryn! I was sad to miss the pieluck, because the pictures made it look so fun and delicious! :)

Erin, I would check that before you used it again. haha. But yeah, if you sub in some sparkling water for the flat water and pour in a splash of rum, you have yourself some basil mojitos. Or you could pour the syrup over poundcake or make a glaze out of it. The possibilities are endless!