29 March 2011

[Si]lly...haha get it?

At one point I started an astronomy humor blog.  Mostly it was because there was a paper that came out with a ridiculous figure.  It turns out that astronomy isn't that funny.  It's mostly frustrating, occasionally satisfying, and supposedly rewarding; hence, I abandoned that blog, but if I hadn't I would have posted this there.

Instead of here.

On my food blog.

Oh well.  I'll explain these later.  Sometime.  You know... in the future.  Until then, I'll just amuse myself and continue on measuring the amount of silicon (seriously, now do you get the title?  C'mon, it's funny!) in the oldest stars observable in the universe.  Yeah..

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Joyce said...

Well, I can see how that figure would have gotten past a reviewer! If I was in that person's shoes, I'm not sure how I would carefully word my reviewer comments ...