27 April 2009

Week of Menus

Well... I certainly failed on the whole NaBloPoMo thing, but I suspect that I always will end up forgetting at some point. In my defense, it has been a terribly busy month, which included joining a softball team, crazy tests, and a new car. Yes. We bought a car. In fact, we bought a new car... about as new as you can get. We got a 2010 Ford Fusion on Friday night and I couldn't be more excited. The car is awesome and I no longer fear for my life whenever we brake because *gasp* I can predict with great certainty that the brakes won't fail.

I saw this "week of menus" thing on Dine and Dish tonight and it seemed like a good idea to try this week. With a new car, money is a lot tighter than it has been in awhile so we're trying to eat in more. (Okay, let's be real... *I'm* trying to eat in more. Colby could eat dry cereal, rice, and chocolate every day so it's more my issue).

I'm going to try a M-F menu for this week's dinners:

Monday: Roasted corn and Kielbasas
I have a softball game, so timing will be a little tight... meaning that it's "cop out" dinner night
Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan
I have panko that I've been waiting to use for months.
Wednesday: Salmon hash with scrambled eggs and irish oatmeal
I'm going to try to use up leftovers and have breakfast for dinner :)
Thursday: hatch green chile goat cheese burgers with blackbean+cheese nachos
Again, going through my pantry for this one
Friday: Pizza! with any toppings I can find in my fridge (I see artichokes and sundried tomatoes)
Another pantry dinner and this time, it might be fun and may involve having people over.

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