03 April 2016

Whole 30 and Random Thoughts


I should be working on something, but obviously I'm not since I'm on here.

There are so many things I should be working on, but instead I'm typing into this. You're welcome.

  • Lice combs do a very good job of getting the larger pieces of cajun seasoning mix out of one's hair.
  • cajun seasoning does not feel so great when it gets in your eye. I do not have first hand knowledge of this, but I have been told that this is true very vehemently. 
  • I've been running on caffeine, adrenaline, and cortisol for the past month+ with the occasional ounce of ethanol thrown in for good measure. do not recommend.
  • I similarly do not recommend jumping head first into Whole30 when insanely stressed
    • and yet, here I am. Goddamnit.
    • I'm letting myself off the douche hook and am instagramming the shit out of what I eat so I can at least be entertained while I spend the next 28 days extremely hangry
  • while I prefer the syntax and ease of Postgres, switching between that and hive is fucking up my brain.
  • Ramona is super into quesadillas, excuse me, tortillas with melted cheese right now. It makes me want to buy a quesadilla maker since I am currently weak to shopping. 
ube ice cream kid cone - Cookiebar Creamery - $ 2.5

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