04 August 2014

We're Moving!

Image by Chloe Fleury found here.

I've been waiting for the right time to post this, and now seemed like a great time.

We're moving to San Francisco!

At least, we're moving to the Bay Area. We don't have a place yet and Colby is still looking for a job, but those are just details, right? I'll be a Hackbright Fellow in the fall, where I'll learn python, how to network, and hopefully I'll be able to line up a job for the future. My hope is to be a software engineer or a data scientist.  I am beyond excited and I'm hoping that I'll have the time to blog about my experiences. 

More later and please keep your fingers and toes and eyes crossed for me because I'll be defending in a week from today.


Mary Helen said...

Whoah! Huge news! Good luck on the move. I hope you'll love your new city!

julie k h aka jkru said...

Thanks! I'm super excited to explore a new city, but it's definitely bittersweet. :)