22 January 2014

Meal planning one day at a time

This has somehow become the week from hell, even though it's a 4-day week. I stupidly made appointments on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday and squeezed in an early morning telecon. And of course, Ramona hasn't been sleeping. Colby is crazy tired too and I feel bad, but I've got to keep pushing to finish things. Can 2014 be over already?

In other news, we've been trying to cook more, and it sort of works until we get super burned out by it and then eat out the entire weekend. While everyone who blogs claims that they strive for balance, I really need to figure out what that is. I don't get home from campus until 9-9:30 every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Ironically, those are the days that we've been best about cooking. We caved and got dinner for 2 from central market. Here's what the rest of the week's meals look like because I needed to take a break from trying to make plots.

Lunch: Leftover chicken parm (colby), Leftover chicken tikka masala (julie)
Dinner: salmon hash and chile con carne (because no salmon hash is complete without chili?)

And that's where we run out of groceries and leftovers.

We are clearly the best at planning.

And here's a random picture that accidentally got uploaded from my phone. Because what post is complete without a picture?

Yes, those are vacuum sealed gummy bears. No, don't ask.

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