09 November 2013


Half chicken with medium piri piri sauce served with rice and zucchini 

We were looking for a place to eat lunch today after Ramona's music class and made our way on over to Mueller. I've been looking for new places to eat, so we decided to check out BoneHeads. They serve chicken and fish in various forms with some signature sauces that feature piri piri, or African bird's eye chilies. Since I'm still feeling my way around blogging again, I'll be brief: they can't cook anything particularly well, but the sauces are really good. Colby got a super fishy-tasting rockfish with broccoli. I got the pictured chicken with zucchini that basically had grill marks for show since it was basically raw otherwise. Their medium sauce is on the spicy side, but it's pretty flavorful. They sell bottles of the sauce for $4.99 each, so my next trip to BoneHeads is likely just to get a bottle of it.

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