08 December 2012


Whenever Ramona's napping, I feel like I should either be a) napping too or b) doing something productive.  I am not above option a, but her naps usually don't last that long.  I suppose I could use that time to do a quick load of laundry/dishes/something-else-you-do-in-loads, but sometimes, it's just much better to snuggle a sleeping baby.

I would have totally taken a picture, but hello, sleeping baby!


Lauren @ Gourmet Veggie Mama said...

My little one is 2 and I still feel the same way! I've stopped feeling guilty about any of it (mostly). I'f say 1/3 of the time I'm productive, 1/3 of the time I nap, and 1/3 of the time, I crash on the couch and do a whole lotta nothin'. This baby raining stuff is hard work!

julie k h aka jkru said...

Definitely! That's why my first choice is always to "sleep while the baby sleeps" :)