06 June 2011

a menu and some promises

These are really tasty. I promise.
Why it's, gasp, yet another quick menu post.  I've got some really yummy things in the pipeline, including recipes using Austin Sea Veggies and from-scratch strawberry cupcakes, but I figured that I needed to put a menu down somewhere before we end up eating whatever is closest to the stove for the rest of the week.  Last night, I made Colby go to HEB with me at like 10 PM to get fish sticks (because I'm apparently 7 years old) because it was late and I was hungry.  It was some tasty nostalgia, but in order to convince him to get out the door and put on big boy pants, I promised that we wouldn't eat out for dinner the rest of the week aside from tonight.  Speaking of which, tonight is my awesometastic office mate, Athena's birthday so we're going out to Trudy's for drinks and dinner and then we're coming back to my place for strawberry cupcakes, brownies, and ice cream.

So now the question is... what are we eating the rest of the week?  Actually, the only person asking this question is actually Colby, but let's keep me accountable, eh?

And by the way, on Thursday, we're getting this from Farmhouse Delivery:

Peaches - McPeak Orchards
Tomatoes - Josh Reese Farm
Lettuce - bella verdi and Bluebonnet Farm
Carrots - Montesino Ranch
Yellow squash and zucchini - Naegelin Farm
New Potatoes - Naegelin Farm
Parsley - Tecolote Farm
Cucumbers - The Farm Patch

Salmon burgers, with cucumber salad and strawberries


spicy egg salad sandwiches, with carrots and strawberries

Strawberry, walnut, Gorgonzola salad with strawberry vinaigrette

garden burgers, grilled zucchini/summer squash, tomato, cucumber, parsley salad

grassfed all beef hot dogs, bruschetta with tomatoes, mozzarella, and homegrown basil :), fresh fruit 

fish tacos with jalapeño slaw


gakiblogs said...

for a second i thought you were going to say you put austin sea veggies into those cupcakes.

julie k h aka jkru said...

Haha nope