23 May 2011

Menu Part A Million

I feel like I should start posting my menus up more often because this means that I'll be held accountable somewhere to stick to them.  It turns out that when I announce something to Colby, it usually devolves into going out to eat nearly a third of the time and that's just silly.  I love to cook, so I'm not sure why I don't cook all the time.  I suppose it has to do with messy kitchens and paper writing.

I never quite realized that the most useful class I ever took at Michigan State was PHY 191, which was an introductory level physics lab.  It was mostly statistics in disguise and everyone openly loathed it.  And now, I'm reading through a textbook (the train book for all you physics nerds) to figure out how to prove to the world that my measurements aren't wonky.  Oh, John R. Taylor, you may be a total turd, but your error analysis writings are crystal clear.  This is actually on the back of the book:

I almost lit my copy on fire. Fortunately, I married someone who also possessed this textbook.

And to the menu:

Monday - Lemon-pepper cod with green beans
Tuesday - chickpea and spaghetti squash vindaloo from the freezer 
Wednesday - Ottmer's Farm eggs, pan sausage, toast
Thursday - Chris gets in, so we're going to go to Judge's Hill for their tasting menu
Friday - homemade fish tacos with jalapeño slaw

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