14 February 2011

It's my birthday and I'll post if I want to.

So first of all, Happy Valentine's Day!  And if you hate valentine's day, then Happy Cupcake Distribution Day!  I swear, it's a thing... I just made up, but if you're in the astronomy department today, then you can participate. :)

My parents told me that I was super excited to turn five.  I thought that it was going to make me SOO grown up, but now twenty years later (holy crap), I wish I was closer to five than twenty-five.  The past four years have been incredibly eventful.

21. Colby and I started dating.
22. We graduated college, moved halfway across the country, and got married.
23. We bought a new car and then our first house.
24. We got a puppy and I got my masters degree.

I'm not so sure what twenty-five is going to hold for me and for us, but I hope it includes publishing my first refereed journal paper and an actual vacation.  So far, twenty-five has meant making cupcakes with Colby, making sure the dog didn't tear the house apart and determining photometric temperatures for my standard stars.

Oh, and I finally got all the loot. ;)  Colby's almost finished with the sous vide set up, and it looks like all he needs to do is test it.  I'm going to be pouring over my two new cookbooks to look for recipes that I can modify to include sous vide cooking, but that will be for later because tonight we're going to go to Uchiko for my birthday dinner.

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