10 September 2010

Say Ya to da U.P.! Also pasties. Say hells ya to them.

It's just past midnight and I should be doing something productive say, for instance, determining the surface temperature for a star that I've been working on. Instead, I'm eating dinner. Or rather, second dinner, but who's counting? ;)

Taking cues from this recipe (from a Yooper, no less!) Colby and I made a whole lotta pasties. No recipe here, but follow the link and you can't go wrong. We used 4 yukon gold potatoes, 1 medium-ish rutabega, two small carrots, a small yellow onion, and about a pound of round steak for the filling. Season with generous amounts of salt and pepper and stuff in some pie crust and you get these:

No, they're not so pretty (though, this is partly because the picture was taken with a camera phone in the middle of the night), but they're hot out of the oven and smell like heaven. And the taste? Well, they taste like Up North and being a kid. Served with a little brown gravy and some sour cream, it's like I'm 12 again and I don't even know what an existential crisis is.


astrochris said...

No eggwash to get the shiny toasted brown top? :(

julie k h said...

have you ever had a real Michigan pasty? I mean from some place around the 45th parallel or higher. They don't do it.

Jimmy Simpson said...

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