08 July 2010

Scubbing Bubbles != good seasoning

My house has been invaded by the dreaded musca domestica, the common housefly. I've killed about 20 today alone. At first it was slow going because I was using junk mail laying around on the kitchen table as fly swatters. Since junk mail doesn't have the requisite holes that allow for quick and efficient fly swattage, I knew I had to up the ante and bring in the big guns: Scrubbing Bubbles.

Scrubbing Bubbles is deadly to anything with a thin exoskeleton and paint. It's also apparently crazy toxic if eaten. I sort of wish I had known this before I sprayed it all over the painted surfaces in my kitchen. Oops. So in order to avoid self-inflicted poisoning, we're eating out tonight and cleaning up the kitchen upon our arrival home... because sometimes my puppy licks the walls, many of which are now covered in Scrubbing Bubbles.

And here's a little snippet into my marriage and restaurant decision making:

me: do you want to go to Kerbey Lane or 24diner?
he: tonight
me: yeah
he: i'd rather go to 24
me: okay. is that okay instead of like mighty fine or panda?
he: :( but its more expensive

because for Colby, no food tastes as good as free food.

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