04 November 2009

Packing Part 26

Okay, I admit that the last post was a cop out. I also admit to waking up at about 11:30 last night and asking my husband to post for me so I wouldn't miss a day for NaBloPoMo. I should actually talk about what that is in an upcoming post... but I'm still tired.

We've been packing all evening. It's been less than fun, but we're close to the point where we get to start cleaning everything (yippee...), but we need to be done with that so we can purchase paint stuff tomorrow. Given all the packing, my best laid plans with that menu have definitely been thrown out the window. The kitchen is almost completely packed away now so yesterday we hit up Firebowl one more time and tonight we tried Zoes Kitchen. I might have to review both of these places, but let's just say that I'll miss Firebowl and not so much Zoes Kitchen.

Colby made the observation that once we move into our house, we'll actually be "grown ups". I recoiled at the idea and immediately left the room. The idea of being an adult beyond the legal sense is something that I do not embrace warmly. I'm still convinced that we're playing the most drawn out game of house ever... and it's totally the most fun ever.

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