28 May 2008

Growing closer to growing up...(but not quite yet!)

I have a blog that I actually wrote out on paper with marker because I was stuck in the upper peninsula of Michigan for four days with my dad and there were no writing utensils suitable to the task except for that one marker. It's currently crumpled in a bag somewhere in my bedroom. That's Way. Too. Far.

I should be packing... or rather, I should have packed up already, but I'm lazy. Almost nothing trumps my summer laziness. It's a little scary. Tomorrow I drive to the Lansing area to wrap up some loose ends and say good-bye to Chris and then I'm off to Stockbridge for a day to pack up Colby's stuff (along with Colby!) and then we're off to Texas. The plan is to leave bright and early on Friday morning and drive from Michigan to Little Rock, AR and then drive from Little Rock to Austin. I guess I'll officially be a Texan on Saturday. Crazy.

More recipe entries to come in the future when I've settled into my new life as an almost married Texan, including fried risotto balls, corn bread revisited, chicken Kiev, and sweet potato fries.


iur said...

Young, almost-married Texan, huh? When's the baby due?

iur said...

Oh, yeah -- wave at my hometown for me as you drive across the Kennedy Bridge (I-65 between IN and KY)!

jkru said...

no shotguns in this wedding... also, I'm Catholic, making it impossible for such a situation to arise! :-P